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Our Academics

Children always have unlimited potential and infinite ability within them to achieve a lot. What is important, is that we recognize each child’s individual inclinations and aptitude at an early stage. Only then they can be exposed to the right stimuli in  order to develop their specific talents. Which is why, at CPS, we pay a great deal of attention to the individual in the class. We assess the individual capacity of every child, take a measure of his or her unique skills, and accordingly lavish attention that is best suited to facilitate his or her all-round development. While learning or understanding projects inside the classroom and outside, the students are motivated to work together in small groups. This not only helps them appreciate the importance of teamwork, but also provides the training ground on which to exercise their leadership skills.

Teaching Faculty

  • We at CPs have well dedicated and qualified teacher for creating a clean, bright and cheerful environment for the tiny tots.

  • Using interactive methods of teaching based on multiple intelligence.

  • Being more as a facilitator rather than an instructor.

  • The teachers here are preferred for their skills, gentle understanding and compassionate nature, besides a proven track record of handling children from age two to age five.

  • CPS, recognizes the importance of quality teaching supported by a spirited environment that encourages the students to question, debate and discuss relevant subjects freely and with an open mind, thereby helping build confidence in their own abilities.

  • We strongly believe and work on the principle of independent thinking and learning. Towards this, our highly qualified faculty gives each of these young adults enough breadth of vision to develop their long term academic goals and careers choices.


Apart from academics we also inculcate the students in curricular activities and we aim to bring the maximum potential from them. This curriculum helps the students to keep their physique and mind healthy, think more innovatively and also develops their cognitive skills to face the challenging skills we promote our students as better problem solvers.

Methodology and Learning Style :-

At pre-primary level we expose children to subjects which catches attention and enhances grasping power through encouraging curiosity and logical approach, introduction of basic language and math with gradual progression, development of comprehension skills, real world learning experience through field trips.


Primary level, we focus on encouraging curiosity and comprehension to strengthen the understanding of concepts and application of the skills in our students. This is period which requires understanding syllabus to imbibe and nurture these skills in our students and give proper direction and channel to move them towards globalised.


  1. Encouragement of creativity for self expression.

  2. To enhance total personality development.

  3. Exciting curriculum.

  4. Learning centered.

  5. Flexible according to the needs of the learning.

  6. Developing the nature of decision making.

  7. New scientific methods of teaching.


  1. To provide a healthy environment for learning and all round personality development.

  2. To encourage free thinking and multi dimensional growth of the child.

  3. Secular orientation.

  4. Celebration of all important days to imbibe cultural values.

Students Assessment:

  Different students have different learning styles and perform differently based on the content of learning. However continuous monitoring of a child behavior can help in assessing and develop traits to facilitate the child learning. This type of evaluation method has been implemented in almost all international and CBSE school in India. This method has been taken into account both in the academics and non-academic performance of students while awarding grades which helps students who are not that good in academics compared to their peers but have very good non-academic skills.


Projects & Field trips:

Along with the theoretical knowledge that he acquires, practical knowledge too is important in the overall development of the child.

     William Butler Yeats has rightly said. “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”. We at CPS want to see the children in pursuit of knowledge and this we try to accomplish by the hands on theory in the form of field trips. Field trips are a valuable learning experience which helps children in visually seeing, what they actually learn in the classroom.

     We at CPS look for a holistic development in the children, both in the classrooms and outside. Field trips are a part of the curriculum in itself. Trips are organized both for educating and entertaining children are taken for field trips once in every quarter.

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